Reclaim makes it easy for you to purchase a paid plan once you're ready, and to manage your plan without ever having to contact support. Of course, if you're trying to purchase and are having issues, you can always contact us.

Note: if you are purchasing a paid plan for the first time, make sure that the email you use to login to Reclaim is the same as the one you'd like to use for billing and invoices. You can always change this later, but your first purchase won't allow you to edit the email in Stripe. To change your main email before purchasing, follow the instructions here.

To purchase a paid plan

First, head over to the Billing and Team section. Then, click the Purchase button in the top right.

From here, you'll see a modal prompting you to select the number of seats you want to purchase, whether you'd like annual or monthly billing, as well as whether you want to purchase Pro or Team for your account.

Click the Finish on Stripe button. This will send you to the Stripe payment portal where you can enter your payment information and check out.

Once you've checked out and purchased, you should be redirected back to the Billing and Team interface. Note: if you purchased multiple seats for your account, you will have to assign them before members of your team will gain access to paid features.

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