To access team settings, click the Team settings gear icon in the top right of the team members table. You won't see this icon if you are not an administrator.

The team settings modal will open:

Invite permissions

Choose who can invite new team members to the team, and at what level those team members can be invited. You can opt to restrict this to Admins only or allow anyone to invite users at a specified level.

By default, anyone can invite a team member, but can only do so at the Free level.

Joinable teams

Determine how other users in your domain will be able to join your team. You can opt to:

  • Only allow users to join the team if invited

  • Allow users to request to join, or

  • Allow users to join with automatically.

By default, users can request to join your team if it has at least 2 members.

Managing requests to join your team

When a user requests to join a team, the Admins in the team will then see a request.

By clicking Review, the Admin can see who requested to join the team with the option to Approve request or Reject request. They can also set Admin privileges on team members:

Once approved, the requesting users will be added as a team member to the team.

By default, if paid seats are available, the new team member will get a paid seat. This can be changed by editing the team member later.

Users can join automatically

For teams that chooses Users can join automatically, a user with the same email domain who clicks Join will simply be added to the team with no request workflow.

Note: at this time, only users on a Free plan can view teams to join in their domain(s).

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