How to change settings for your team

You can modify settings for how others join your team as well as for who can invite others to the team.

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You can change multiple settings for your team, like modifying how others can join the team, and who can invite new team members. Note that only admins can make changes to these team settings.

To edit your team settings, go to the Billing & Team page and click the gear icon in the top right of the team members table. This icon will only be visible if you're an admin.

From here, you'll see a modal for your team settings:

Invite permissions

Here, you can set who has permissions to invite new members to the team. You can opt to restrict this to admins only, or allow anyone on the team to invite new users.

Team join settings

By default, users can request to join the team if they're in your company's domain (learn more about joining and leaving a team here).

As an admin, you can change how users on the same domain are able to join your team:

  • Only allow users to join the team if invited

  • Allow users to request to join when they discover the team

  • Or, allow users to join automatically when they discover the team.

Note: For teams that choose Users can join automatically - a user with the same email domain who clicks Join will be added to the team with no request workflow.

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