If a Habit or Tasks is scheduled at a time that you don't like for that day, or if you simply don't want to think about it that week and want to move it to next week, Reclaim provides simple controls from within Planner to help you do that.

Snoozing a Task or Habit to a different time of day

You can reschedule a Task or Habit event to a later time in the day if you still want to do the Task or Habit, but just want to do it later. To do this, click on the event in the calendar. An action menu will appear:

Click on the time range of the event, and a menu will appear with different options for pushing back the Task or Habit:

Click on one of the options under Snooze to push the event back by that amount of time.

Pushing off a Task or Habit to the following week

You can also tell Reclaim when you don't want to do something that week, and Reclaim will automatically move it to the next week to get it off your calendar.

To do this, just click on the "..." next to any Scheduled or Unscheduled Task or Habit in the Planner sidebar and click "Push to next week":

This will push the Task and all associated events from the current week to the following week.

You can also pull Tasks forward to the current week if you change your mind! To do that, simply navigate to the next week in the Planner calendar view, find the Task you want to pull forward, click the "..." and select "Pull to this week":

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