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How to manage Reclaim events directly in Google Calendar
How to manage Reclaim events directly in Google Calendar

You can modify any details of any Reclaim-created events via Google Calendar, and Reclaim will respect the changes.

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Reclaim helps you manage you calendar, but strives to never get in your way. In that spirit, Reclaim will respect any changes you make to events that it creates, even if you make them directly in Google Calendar.

That means that you can edit titles, colors, time, duration, add or remove attendees, and so forth -- all directly from Google Calendar -- and Reclaim will allow those changes. However, when you make changes to events created by Reclaim in Google Calendar, the event will automatically lock to prevent Reclaim from overwriting your edits.

If you want to bring the power of Reclaim closer to Google Calendar, we highly recommend installing our Google Calendar Add-On, which gives you even more controls for rescheduling, skipping, and editing Reclaim-managed events.

What happens if I delete or decline a Reclaim event?

If you delete a Reclaim-managed event, it will be treated as a reschedule -- meaning that Reclaim will see that you deleted the event and automatically reschedule it to the next best time. So for example, if you have a Task event scheduled for the future (or even in the past) and want it to reschedule, you can simply delete it and it will move to another time.

Declines are treated similarly: on Smart 1:1s, for example, declining an event will be treated as a reschedule and Reclaim will find the next best time for you and your attendee.

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