Reclaim responds to different RSVP statuses on your source events to prevent your calendar from being filled up with events that you might not actually attend. Here's how they work.

RSVP statuses and how they affect your availability

If you are invited to an event on your source calendar and don't RSVP "Yes" or "Maybe", the time block will be marked as Free, meaning that others can book over it. You can see a 🆓 emoji when an event is marked as free time:

Once you've responded "Yes" or "Maybe" to an event, it will be marked as Busy and will show as unavailable to others who want to book time with you.

If you respond "No" to an event, the time block will be removed from your work calendar.

Events that you organized, but aren't listed as an attendee

In rare cases (typically via using scheduling platforms like Calendly) it's possible to be the organizer of an event but still not be listed as an attendee.

In these cases, Reclaim will sync the source event but will assume that you are Busy instead of keeping the source event Free.

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