How to use Reclaim on your mobile device
Reclaim doesn't have native mobile apps for iOS or Android today, but it's designed to be mobile-friendly.
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Today, Reclaim doesn't have native apps for iOS or Android, but we designed Reclaim so that you could manage it on the go reasonably well on your mobile device. Here are a few tips on how to manage Reclaim while on the go.

Add the Reclaim webapp to your iOS home screen

You can add the Reclaim webapp to your iOS home screen, which will let you access it via your iOS device in the same way you would any other app. To add the webapp to your iOS home screen, follow these steps:

First, open the Reclaim webapp in Safari. Then, tap the Share button (a little box with an arrow pointing upward).

Now, select Add to Home Screen from the list of options:

Name the app, and now it will appear in your home screen!

Manage your Reclaim events via the Google Calendar mobile app

Reclaim was built to allow you to easily reschedule or modify any events created for your Tasks, Habits, Smart 1:1s and so on directly via Google Calendar. So if you already have the Google Calendar mobile app installed on your mobile device, you can adjust events that were created by Reclaim directly via that interface as you would any other calendar events.

This doc explains more about how you can think about managing events directly in Google Calendar, and if you'd like to learn more about rescheduling Reclaim-managed events in Google Calendar, read this doc.

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