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Set start time intervals for Smart Meetings & Scheduling Link meetings
Set start time intervals for Smart Meetings & Scheduling Link meetings

Tell Reclaim at which start time intervals you want meetings to be scheduled.

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Reclaim allows you to set start time intervals for when Scheduling Links and Smart Meetings get booked in your calendar. Select your preferred time intervals for meetings (:00, :15, :30, :45) to better manage your availability for collaboration every week.

Start time interval settings apply to:

  • Recurring Smart Meetings

  • Available time slots for meetings via Scheduling Links

Manage your start time interval settings

You can tell Reclaim at which start time intervals you want Scheduling Links meetings and Smart Meetings to be scheduled in your calendar. Select at least one, and as many intervals as you want.
โ€‹Start time intervals:

:00 - on the hour

:15 - quarter after the hour

:30 - half past the hour

:45 - quarter to the hour

To manage these settings, navigate to Settings > General > Meeting settings.

How start time intervals work

Setting start time intervals helps you better manage your week by controlling the time slots in which Reclaim can book meetings from Scheduling Links and Smart Meetings.

  • Selecting multiple start time options creates more opportunities to connect.

  • Fewer intervals limits your time slots for meetings during the week.

With Smart Meetings:

When you set your start time interval preferences, Reclaim will automatically schedule (and reschedule) your Smart Meetings to available times in your calendar accordingly.

With Scheduling Links:

When you share Scheduling Links, your selected intervals are the times that invitees see as available when booking with you. Even if you are sending a high-priority link, or a meeting with multiple duration options - the open slots for the meeting will be limited to the start time intervals you have selected.

For example, if you have selected :00, your Scheduling Links would only show available start times on the hour (:00), even if you are free at other times. Selecting :00 and :30 will offer up available time slots on the hour (:00) as well as half past the hour (:30), etc.

Note: Changes in start time interval settings will apply to newly scheduled meetings moving forward, and will not reschedule existing meetings.

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