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Calendar Sync events are not syncing
Calendar Sync events are not syncing

Troubleshooting steps for when an event is not syncing.

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The order to resolve events that are not syncing are:

Repair using Google Calendar add-on

If you have not yet already, we recommend installing our Google Workspace Add-on. It provides context about why something isn't syncing and runs a diagnostic on each event. If the add-on detects any issues, it will offer an option to repair the event.

To utilize the add-on for calendar sync issues:

  1. Click on the event in question from Google Calendar.

  2. If the add-on detects any issues, it will offer this notification:

Note: You can install the Google Calendar add-on to multiple connected accounts, so you can initiate the workflow from either side.

Disable and re-enable the Sync Policy

Disable and re-enable a Sync Policy will re-sync the calendar and set it to its most up-to-date state.

Note: It's important to not delete the Sync Policy all together.

Provide Reclaim support with the event URL

The event URL holds an embedded ID so we can look into our database and logs to debug an issue.

From Google Calendar, use the following steps to obtain the event URL:

1. Click the pencil icon labeled Edit on the event in question.

2. Copy the URL on the resulting page:

Note: Sometimes for imported feeds, the URL can’t be obtained as there is no edit button. If you can’t get the URL to tell us the date + time + source calendar can help.

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