Smart 1:1s get scheduled on both attendees' calendars using a combination of the organizer's preferences, availability across both calendars, timezones, and meeting hours.

Time zones

Reclaim will automatically detect and schedule around time zones for both attendees. Learn more about setting time zones here.

Meeting Hours

Reclaim will only ever schedule Smart 1:1s during the intersection of mutual meeting hours so a Smart 1:1 will never be set outside of mutual meeting hours.

If few overlapping meetings hours exists, Reclaim will offer a notification. Refer to Smart 1:1 not scheduling due to limited overlapping hours.


Reclaim can schedule Smart 1:1s on a weekly, every other week, monthly, or quarterly cadence according to the organizer's specifications.

Specific Days and Times

A Smart 1:1 policy gives the option of using Any time with mutual availability or an organizer can select Specific days & times with mutual availability to further customize when a Smart 1:1 will be scheduled. Both settings will still follow set Meeting hours.

Ideal Day and Time

If you select Any time with mutual availability (above), Reclaim will attempt to block time for the Smart 1:1 as close to the organizer's specified ideal day and time as possible.

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