Reclaim offers a free 14-day trial for every new account created so you have a chance to try Reclaim's features and decide what's right for you. Should you choose not to upgrade by the end of your trial, your account will be switched to our Free plan.

You may have multiple Sync Policies and Habits that were disabled when your trial ended. Thus, you'll have to:

  • Re-enable the Sync Policy you want to keep.

  • Re-enable the Habits you want to maintain.

Reclaim's Free plan

You can use the Free plan for as long as you'd like. Limitations of the Free plan are:

  • One Calendar Sync (no bi-directional syncing).

  • Two Connected Calendars

  • 3 Habits.

  • Scheduling up to 3 weeks in advanced.

  • Limited integrations.

Visit our pricing page for a breakdown of what each plan offers.

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