Reclaim's Google Calendar add-on offers tools that allow you to leverage Reclaims' features available on the Planner, but from your Google Calendar instead so you don't have to switch back and forth between your calendar and the Planner. We highlight its features below.


Task actions

Task Event actions

  • Lock

  • Reschedule


Habit actions

  • Start/Stop/Restart

  • Edit

Habit Instance actions

  • Lock

  • Reschedule

  • Mark done

  • Skip

Smart 1:1s

  • Lock

  • Reschedule

  • Skip

Synced calendar events

  • View source details from the target calendar, regardless of visibility settings.

  • Manage RSVPs between calendars.

  • Redirect links to event's source calendars and Reclaim's calendar sync page.

Learn more on how to manage your synced calendar events from the Reclaim Google Calendar add-on.

Reset your changes

Don't like any of the changes you made and want to start over? Reset your manual changes and Reclaim will attempt to schedule back to its original state. Learn more on how to reset your manual calendar changes.


Refresh your calendar to fetch the latest state of the add-on.

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