Billing is managed by accessing a Stripe portal from User icon > Billing & Team page

Get to the Stripe portal

  1. Click your user icon in the upper right

  2. Navigate to the Billing and Team page

  3. Click the Manage on Stripe button in the top right corner

Actions on the Stripe portal

Current plan

  1. See a breakdown of your billing

  2. Update payment information

  3. Make changes to your plan

    1. Update number of team members

    2. Switch between monthly and annual billing

    3. Change between Pro and Team plan

Payment method

  1. Add a payment method.

  2. Set a card to default or delete a card.

Billing information

Click Update information to edit:

  • Billing email

  • Billing address

  • Tax ID

Invoice history

  1. Open a pop-up to download your invoice or receipt.

  2. Expand your invoice history.

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