When using Tasks, it's not uncommon for distractions and competing priorities to pull you away from the planned work. This can create a problem because your schedule now reflects something different than reality. But never fear -- it's easy to give Reclaim a bit of a "reality check" and get your schedule back into shape.

In a hurry and just want a pro tip that helps a ton?

Just delete the event from your calendar's historical record, right in Google Calendar or your favorite calendar app. Reclaim will reschedule it in the near future.

The Scenario

Imagine this scenario. You need to spend an hour on a task ("Some important thing") and it gets scheduled for tomorrow morning. Great!

But you wake up to an emergency and suddenly that important task isn't quite so important and instead you ended up actually spending an hour working through a ton of emails and otherwise dealing with the emergency.

But unless you took the time to tell Reclaim, it thinks the schedule happened. Soon you're agenda will look like this in the calendar:

And it'll present this way in Reclaim's Planner UI:

Note that although it's in the "done" section, the box isn't checked. That is because Reclaim is done scheduling the task, but it isn't sure if the task is truly complete. When a task is in this state you have three options:

  • You can check the task to confirm it is complete.

  • You can add more time if you did some work on it, but need more time.

  • You can "correct the record" to tell Reclaim to reschedule past work.

The first two are fairly straight forward, but this third option isn't quite obvious at first.

The Calendar is Truth

At this point it's important to understand that Reclaim treats your calendar's historical record as "truth". When it comes to scheduling, that the past can impact the future. If there is work on your calendar that you didn't do, removing it signals Reclaim that it needs to reschedule it in the near future.

You can of course go right into Planner and fix the problem by unchecking the task event that is now in the past:

But you can also stay in your favorite calendar app and just delete the event right from the past.

This is a convenient way to quickly coach Reclaim on what happened so that it can adjust the schedule. This also works for Habits and can even be used to adjust how much time you spent on work.

For example, in this scenario you could change the past to indicate what really happened (more time on morning catch up, and no time on the task), and within a few seconds Reclaim will reschedule as expected:

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