All Day Events

By default all-day events are marked as free, but sometimes they be marked as Busy and take up your availability. Navigate to the all-day event in Google Calendar and switch it to Free. Reclaim will start scheduling items back in your day.

Impossible Constraints

Some times constraints that make it impossible to schedule items.

For Tasks

After scheduling your priority Habits, it might be that you've asked for a minimum event duration that can never be found within your Working Hours. For example, it would be common to not find a minimum of 6 hours straight if you also break up your day with things like lunch and catching up on email. Try lowering the minimum event size down to something smaller.

For Habits

The minimum and/or maximum duration may be too large or that the window of time (start + end) is too narrow. Expanding those ranges can help get the events on the calendar.

You can also try dragging the Habit priority up higher—if that gets things scheduled then it means other Habits were stealing the time away.

Double check that there aren't any "reserved words" for your Habit that might getting triggered on the day it isn't scheduling. For example, the word "lunch" in another event could cause a lunch Habit to get removed for that day.

For Smart 1:1s

The usual culprit is that the overlap between both attendee Meeting Hours is too limiting. Reclaim will warn you when there are no overlap time at all, but sometimes there are may not be enough overlap. For example, you might have an overlap of only 2 hours a week, and those times are always occupied by recurring meetings, so nothing can be scheduled.

After Hours

Unless you've made a manual override by dragging the event on the calendar to a new time, all scheduled events in Reclaim follow certain policies and won't deviate outside them.

Tasks will only schedule during Working Hours (for work tasks) and Personal Hours (for personal tasks). Check those settings and make necessary adjustments.

Smart 1:1s will only schedule:

  • You are an attendee: during your Meeting Hours

  • You are the organizer: during your Meeting Hours or the specified days/times in the Smart 1:1

Note: Habits do not utilize any of the Working / Personal / Meeting Hours settings. Each Habit has its own range of days and times to consider.

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