By default, Reclaim will never send you notifications for synced copies of events created via Calendar Sync. However, if you're receiving notifications via Apple's Calendar app for those synced events, it's possible that you're running into a bug associated with Apple's settings for event notifications.

The problem, and how to fix it

When Reclaim creates synced events, as mentioned above, those events get set to never notify you. However, Apple Calendar has a bug where the "general setting" for its calendar notifications will override what Reclaim has set on synced events and notify you anyways.

Here's how to fix it:

  1. On your Apple device, go to Settings

  2. Tap or click on Calendar

  3. Tap or click on Default Alert Times

  4. Tap or click on Events, and select None as the value

  5. Now you'll need to delete and resync your Google Calendar from your Apple device. To start, go back to Calendar.

  6. Tap or click on Accounts

  7. Locate the account / email where the offending calendar is and tap or click on it

  8. Next to Calendars, toggle the switch off

  9. Tap or click on Delete from My iPhone

  10. Toggle the Calendars switch back on

  11. Go back to your Apple Calendar and wait for your calendar to resync all events. Now, your notifications should all be set to honor Reclaim's settings!

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