Move a Task Event

From either the Planner or your Google Calendar, drag the Task Event to another time as you normally would any other event.

Reclaim will set a Time Policy Exception (TPE) for the original time slot telling it not to schedule on that slot again. Refer to Reset your policies to clear these exclusions.

Move the first Task Event to an earlier date/time

Reclaim will interpret this time as the new Earliest start date and time from the Task Policy.

Move the first Task Event to a later date/time

Reclaim will see this as a "snooze" to not schedule before this date/time.

Move a Task Event past the Task's due date

All Task Events for the Task will flip from Free 🆓 to Busy 🛡️. Reclaim recognizes this Task is at risk of being overdue and needs to defend the time on your calendar.

Change the duration of a Task Event

From the Planner or Google Calendar, click and drag the bottom of the Task Event to shorten or extend the Task Event's duration.

Delete a Task Event

You can only delete a future Task Event from your Google Calendar.

Delete a past Task Event

If a Task is complete, deleting a past Task Event will revive the Task and Reclaim will schedule time in the future to complete the Task.

If a Task is not completed (Scheduled), deleting a past Task Event will tell Reclaim to schedule time in the future for the Task.

Delete a future Task Event

Reclaim will interpret this as a desire to do the work later and will reschedule the Task Event starting the next day with available scheduling hours.

Modify other Task Event details

The following parameters for Task Events cannot be changed via Google Calendar. If a change is made from Google Calendar, it will be reverted back.

Most of these parameters can be changed by updating the Task Policy.
  • Title

  • Description

  • Color

  • Videoconferencing info or location

  • Privacy

  • Free/Busy

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