Modifying Task Events

How Reclaim will adapt to your changes when you modify Task events

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Move a Task Event

From either the Planner or your Google Calendar, drag the Task Event to another time as you normally would any other event. This will auto-lock the Task in place

Reclaim will set a Time Policy Exception (TPE) for the original time slot telling it not to schedule a Task Event for the same Task in that slot again. Refer to Reset your policies to clear these exclusions.

Move the first Task Event to an earlier date/time

Reclaim will interpret this time as the new Earliest start date and time from the Task Policy.

Move the first Task Event to a later date/time

Reclaim will see this as a "snooze" to not schedule before this date/time.

Move a Task Event past the Task's due date

All Task Events for the Task will flip from Free 🆓 to Busy 🛡️. Reclaim recognizes this Task is at risk of being overdue and needs to defend the time on your calendar.

Change the duration of a Task Event

From the Planner or Google Calendar, click and drag the bottom of the Task Event to shorten or extend the Task Event's duration.

Delete a Task Event

Delete a past Task Event

If a Task is complete, deleting a past Task Event will revive the Task and Reclaim will schedule time in the future to complete the Task.

If a Task is not completed (Scheduled), deleting a past Task Event will tell Reclaim to schedule time in the future for the Task.

Delete a future Task Event

Reclaim will interpret this as a desire to do the work later and will reschedule the Task Event starting the next day with available scheduling hours.

Note: You can only delete a Task Event from the calendar.

Modify other Task Event details

The following parameters for Task Events cannot be changed via Google Calendar. If a change is made from Google Calendar, it will be reverted back.

Note: Most of these parameters can be changed by updating the Task Policy.

  • Title

  • Description

  • Color

  • Videoconferencing info or location

  • Privacy

  • Free/Busy

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