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Google OAuth Scopes and Permissions
Google OAuth Scopes and Permissions

Understand what OAuth Scopes Reclaim requests from Google APIs

Updated over a week ago

Reclaim requires permissions from various Google Services and APIs, also known as "scopes", in order to help you manage your calendar and schedule.

Google will display a pop-up saying " wants additional access to your Google Account":

We ask for these permissions during onboarding, and if we do things like add/change scopes (after approval from Google), and if you use or do not use certain features or integrations. We never ask for more scopes than we need, and only ask for them when we need them.

The source of truth for current Google OAuth Scopes needed by Reclaim can be found on our security page, specifically:

If you have additional questions regarding OAuth Scopes and permissions, please feel free to email our security team at [email protected].

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