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Syncing Private Linear Projects to Reclaim
Syncing Private Linear Projects to Reclaim

If you have a private project in Linear that you would like to sync tasks to Reclaim, you'll need to follow these steps.

Updated over a week ago

If you have a private Linear project that you'd like to sync with Reclaim, you'll need to do some additional setup in order for tasks to sync.

First, navigate to the API settings within your Linear account. You can do this by selecting the account name in the top left, then selecting "Workspace Settings":

From there, you'll navigate to "API" in the settings and then "New Webhook":

Give the new webhook a memorable name, and set the webhook URL to the following:

For the data settings, select all except issue SLA as that is not needed.

In the projects section, select custom, then select the private project and enable it for that team/project.

Once that has all been configured, select "Create Webhook" and you should start to see your Reclaim tasks imported from the private team.

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