Linear has several canonical workflow states for issues:

  • Backlog

  • Unstarted

  • Started

  • Completed

  • Canceled

Here are a few notes about how workflow states affect synced issues:

  • In order for an issue to be synced to Reclaim, it cannot be in the Backlog state.

  • When a scheduled task associated with a Linear issue begins on your calendar, Reclaim will automatically move the issue into the Started state.

  • When an issue is moved to a Completed or Canceled state in Linear, it will automatically be deleted from Reclaim.

  • When a scheduled task is completed (i.e., all events associated with the task have been completed on the calendar or is marked as Done in Reclaim) Reclaim will not move it to Completed automatically.

  • If a task associated with a synced issue is canceled or deleted in Reclaim, it will not be moved to the Canceled state in Linear.

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