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SSO Support (including Okta)

Use alternative SSO providers including Okta to authenticate to

Updated over a week ago

Does support Okta and/or alternative SSO providers for authentication other than Google?

Google is our primary SAML/SSO authentication provider, as we integrate exclusively with Google Calendar; this is the default for most users.

For companies who use Okta or another identity provider, we are happy to announce we do have SSO if you are on a paid Enterprise plan.

What are the requirements for SSO (other than Google), including Okta?

  • Customers must be on a paid Enterprise plan

  • Provide your domain, Client ID and Secret to Reclaim for setup and configuration

How do I setup Okta or an alternative provider to be used with Reclaim?

We have detailed setup instructions we are happy to provide as part of Enterprise on-boarding.

Is Reclaim available as an App in Okta's App Catalog?

We have submitted the Reclaim App to Okta for verification, and it is currently under final review. We will update this help article when the Reclaim App can be found in the Okta App Catalog.

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