Okta SSO Setup Guide - Bookmark App

How to Create an Okta Bookmark App for IdP initiated Login Flow

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This guide is intended to help get Reclaim.ai setup in Okta as an App for end-users so they can do an IdP initiated login flow (ie: Login to Reclaim.ai via Okta).

If you need any additional assistance beyond this guide, please reach your to your Reclaim.ai contact/rep, or support via our website and/or [email protected].


  1. A Reclaim.ai Okta App for OIDC SSO completely setup and working

  2. Administrator access to your Okta Account/Dashboard

Create a Bookmark App for Reclaim.a from the Okta App Directory

  1. Login to Okta as an Admin

  2. Applications click the "Browse App Catalog" button:

  3. Search for "Bookmark" and click on the "Bookmark App" tile:

  4. From the Bookmark App page click the "Add Integration" Button:

  5. From the Add Bookmark App page, configure the following:

    1. Application Label: Reclaim.ai

    2. URL: https://api.app.reclaim.ai/oauth/login/sso-CUSTOMER_SLUG (This is the customer slug you were provided with previously)

    3. Request Integration: Leave unchecked (we have one submitted)

    4. Application Visibility: Leave unchecked (this is the App tile your users will click on to login)

    5. Click "Done"

Assign Okta Users to Reclaim.ai Bookmark App

In order for users to see the newly created Bookmark App, which will allow them to sign into Reclaim.ai from Okta (ie: IdP initiated sign-in flow), it must be assigned to them.

In the newly created App:

  1. Click on the Assignments tab

  2. Click the Assign drop-down

  3. Assign either individuals, or via Okta groups depending on your Okta setup

The newly created Reclaim.ai App should show up in the "My Apps" Dashboard for end-users and they can use this to login to Reclaim.ai.

Changing the Icon for the Bookmark App

If you would like to add a Reclaim.ai logo for the Bookmark App to make it easier for users, you can do so by following the steps below:

Save the following logo to your desktop:

Then, in the newly created App:

  1. Click on the pencil in the upper right of the current Bookmark App Logo

  2. Click the Browse button

  3. Choose the Reclaim-logo.png file you saved above

  4. Click on the Update Logo button

  5. Click Close

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