Okta SCIM - Import/Sync Existing Users
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This guide is intended to help IT Administrators with SCIM provisioning setup for Reclaim.ai via Okta.

Specifically, this guide will help you setup SCIM after you already have some existing users using Reclaim. This guide will walk you through how to sync your Okta users/groups, and existing Reclaim users via SCIM without impacting either.

If you need any additional assistance beyond this guide, please reach your to your Reclaim.ai contact/rep, or support via our website and/or [email protected].


  1. Have everything setup as described in the Okta SCIM - Initial Setup Guide (https://help.reclaim.ai/en/articles/8218878-okta-scim-2-0-setup-guide-custom-app)

  2. Administrator access to your Okta Account/Dashboard

Ensure SCIM Provisioning/De-provisioning is Working

Before working through the import/sync process, it's worth making sure basic SCIM provisioning/de-provisioning is working.

It is suggested you try to provision and de-provision a test user via SCIM. It is best if this test user has a legitimate Google Workspace (Calendar) account.

Import/Sync Okta<>Reclaim via SCIM

1. Login to your Okta isntance as an Administrator

2. Goto the Reclaim SCIM App you created in the previous guide

3. Click on the "Import" Tab

4. Click on the "Import Now" button (this should query Reclaim via SCIM and give a list of all users)

5. Any users NOT assigned to the SCIM app should show up in the list; you can review and make any changes

6. Click the checkbox next to each user

7. Click the "Confirm Assignments" button, then "auto-activate" (if desired - this is dependent on your IT policy/preferences), then "Confirm" button on the pop-up.

8. You should then be able to see those users in the "Assignments" tab of the app.

Troubleshooting: Cleaning Unconfirmed Users

If during the import, there is a significant mismatch between the number of users imported and what you expect, you can reset the list of users in Okta. In the Reclaim SCIM App:

1. Click on the "Import" tab

2. Click "Clean Unconfirmed Users" (wait for a few seconds, the Okta UI was slow for me on this step)

3. Click the "Import Now" button

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