How to use Reclaim to create Focus Time
You can do a lot more with Reclaim than just create focus time, but here's how to do it using Habits.
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Focus time is a common way that people try to block out time for heads-down work. At Reclaim, we're big believers in making your calendar as intentional as possible so that you have a specific, prioritized plan for your day. But for folks who prefer to implement generic focus time blocks, you can accomplish this using Habits.

Create Focus Time with Habits

First, head on over to your Habits screen in Reclaim, then click the little carat next to New Habit. A list of templates will appear that you can create and modify. In the list, you'll see a template called Focus Time:

Once you've clicked that Focus Time Habit, feel free to adjust it as you'd like by changing the duration, time range, days, or any other options you might want to tune your scheduling around. You can read more about Habits here.

Note that Reclaim blocks only one event for a Habit per day, so if you want to have multiple Focus Time blocks in the day (e.g., a morning Focus Time block and an afternoon one) you'll want to create two different Habits for that.

Another thing you can do, if you really don't want to be interrupted during your Focus Time block, is to enable Auto-Decline Interruptions for the Habit.

This will automatically decline any inbound meeting invites during that Focus Time block and send an email to the meeting inviter.

You can also turn any event on your calendar into a Focus Time block by simply adding #reclaim_free to the title or description. This will treat the event as unavailable time to others who book time with you, but will still allow Reclaim to block time for Tasks and Habits. Read more about it here.

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