Add Reclaim to an Asana project
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Within Asana, you can add Reclaim to your projects regardless of having multiple workspaces.

How to add Reclaim to an Asana project

⚠️ You'll need to do this from a web browser and not the Asana desktop app. ⚠️

Navigate to your Asana project.

Click the Customize button in the top right of your project.

A side-panel will expand showing customization options. Click on Apps or scroll down to the Apps section.

Click the area inside the dotted box labeled + Add App.

Search and click on the Reclaim box under the Made by Developers section to add Reclaim to your Asana project.

Note: If you don’t see the those options, contact your Asana Admin to give permissions to either customize projects, add applications, or both.

Once added, you can close out of the Add Apps module and Customize module.

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