Asana integration overview

Reclaim can automatically sync issues from your Asana projects to Reclaim and block time for them. Here's how to set it up and use it.

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Reclaim integrates with Asana to automatically sync issues from your Asana projects to your calendar and block time for them. This article will cover how to add the integration to your Asana workspace, enable it on your projects in Asana, sync your first issue to Reclaim, and use it for managing your tasks.

Enabling the Asana integration via Reclaim

Go to Settings > Integrations.

Locate the Asana integration and click the Connect Asana button.

You'll be prompted to login to Asana if you're not already logged in.

If you are logged in, you'll see a Connect Reclaim to Asana page. Click Connect to Reclaim.

You will be directed to a screen prompting you to give permissions to Reclaim to read your tasks from Asana. Click the Allow button.

Select the project(s) where you want the integration to be added.

You're all done! You can now use the Asana Reclaim integration from those projects.

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