Workaround for delegating Reclaim access

While Reclaim doesn't have a dedicated feature for delegated access, here is a workaround option.

Updated over a week ago

While it's not common to use Reclaim if you already have an assistant, a common workflow for those who do is to set up delegated access in Google to allow that assistant to manage the account without sharing passwords. Today Reclaim doesn't officially support delegated access, but there is a workaround for those that want to try it.

  1. Create a dummy email. Create an email address in Google — or use an existing one —and share the password and username with your admin. This email address is effectively a "dummy" that both you and your admin will use to login to your Reclaim account.

  2. Connect the dummy email to your Reclaim account. Go to Accounts and add the "dummy" email by clicking Add another account (follow these instructions if you get lost).

  3. Collaborate! Your admin can log in to your Reclaim account using the dummy email, and manage Reclaim at the same level of access as you.

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