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How to give your assistant (or anyone else) access to your Reclaim account
How to give your assistant (or anyone else) access to your Reclaim account

Reclaim has a dedicated feature for assigning access to your account to any other member of your team.

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If you have an assistant or another colleague with whom you'd like to share your Reclaim account, it's easy to do that via Delegated Access. This doc will cover what Delegated Access is, how to set it up, and how to use it to access another Reclaim account.

Important notes

  • Delegated Access is only available for those on Business or Enterprise plans.

  • Delegates must be on the same Reclaim team as you.

  • Delegated Access allows for another person to access all your Reclaim content and settings (besides a handful of capabilities as listed below), and Reclaim cannot be held liable or responsible for what Delegates do when they're accessing your account.

What is Delegated Access?

Delegated Access allows you to designate another member of your Reclaim team (or multiple members) to access your Reclaim account on your behalf. When someone is accessing your account via Delegated Access, they can do everything you can in your Reclaim account, except:

  • Delete your account;

  • Add or remove Google Accounts / calendars;

  • Provision or modify API keys.

How to set up Delegated Access

To get started, head to your Profile page via the Reclaim webapp. Scroll down until you see Delegate access to your account:

From here, you can search for any member of your Reclaim team and add them as a delegate by pressing Delegate Access next to their name:

You will see a confirmation dialog appear indicating that you are about to provide access to your Reclaim account to another member of your team. Once you confirm, they will appear in your list of Delegates.

Accessing another Reclaim account as a Delegate

Once you've been set as a Delegate for another teammate's account, you can impersonate them by clicking the Account dropdown in the top right corner of Reclaim's UI.

Select the team member that you wish to impersonate. The webapp will reload, and you will be in their account. You'll see a banner at the top indicating when you're accessing someone else's account:

From here, you can access any Reclaim content or settings on behalf of that user, except as otherwise noted above. Once you've completed your work, ensure that you exit delegation in order to prevent inadvertently making changes to the wrong account. You can exit delegation by clicking the Exit Delegation button from the Account dropdown:

Reclaim uses real-time updates to ensure that the account stays up to sync with changes, even if two people are accessing the same account at the same time. That being said, we generally recommend not performing changes from two separate sessions at the same time to avoid any potential issues.

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