Google Workspace offers a dedicated feature that allows for delegating access to your inbox, calendar, and other Workspace services. The most common use case is when you have an executive assistant or admin who helps to manage your schedule.

Reclaim doesn't currently support delegated access through Google's dedicated feature, but because you can log into Reclaim using any email you've connected to your account, there is a workaround for making this happen. Here's a guide on how to do it.

Step 1: Create a shared "dummy" email

First, you'll need to create an email address in Google -- or use an existing one -- and share the password and username with your admin. This email address is effectively a "dummy" that both you and your admin will use to login to your Reclaim account.

Step 2: Connect the "dummy" email to your Reclaim account

Next, you'll need to go to Settings -> Accounts and add the "dummy" email that you shared with your admin. Click the "Add another account" button as shown below and when prompted, select the "dummy" email to connect and provide permissions to Reclaim.

Once you've connected the email, you should see it in the list of connected accounts as shown above.

Step 3: Collaborate!

Now, your admin can login to your Reclaim account using that "dummy" email, and they can create and manage your Habits, Tasks, Sync Policies, Smart 1:1s and so on.

You can continue logging in using whatever email you'd like, as long as it's connected to your Reclaim account.

We're always happy to chat with you and your admin to ensure you're both set up for success in Reclaim. Feel free to set up time with us here if you'd like.

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