It's common for working professionals to have multiple email addresses—work and personal—that are synced into one Reclaim account. What happens if you change jobs, or lose access to an email? Reclaim makes it easy to swap out your Main email for another one and automatically migrate over your existing settings, sync policies, Tasks, and Habits.

Managing multiple emails in Reclaim

Go to Settings > Accounts to view a list of email addresses connected to your account via Calendar Sync and this Accounts.

From this page, you can

  • Delete an email address you no longer want associated with your account.

  • Add new email accounts by clicking Add another account.

  • Change your Main email by selecting Use as Main next to an email address.

Changing the Main email

If you know you're changing jobs, or are about to lose access to your email, you can proactively migrate your Reclaim account to another connected email with just a couple clicks. Reclaim will then use the primary calendar associated with the new Main email as the one Reclaim blocks time for.

To change the Main email

  1. If you haven't already, add the email to your Reclaim accounts by clicking the Add another account at the bottom of your email list.

  2. Go through the Google authentication prompts.

  3. Once connected, the email will show in your email list.

  4. Click the Use as Main to the right of the email address.

When you click the Use as Main prompt, Reclaim will ask you to confirm the migration:

Once you've confirmed the migration by clicking the Switch Main Account button, Reclaim will start transferring your account to the new email and all your existing Reclaim data (including any incomplete Tasks) will be migrated over to the primary calendar associated with that new Main email.

Why can't I use a connected email as my Main?

If you're running into trouble using another connected email as your main Reclaim email, there are likely one of three causes:

  • Reclaim has lost access to the email and calendar. To fix this, simply click the Reconnect button next to the email and confirm the requested permissions.

  • The email is connected to multiple Reclaim accounts. To fix this, contact support so we can migrate those existing accounts to a single one.

Help! I already lost access to my email. How do I swap it now?

If you've already lost access to the email that you use to login to Reclaim, you can still login to your account using any connected email. So for example, if you already were syncing events from your personal email's calendar within your Reclaim account, you can login to your account using that email and follow the steps above to make it your main Reclaim email.

In fact, even if you login using your "lost" email, Reclaim will automatically detect that it's lost access and prompt you to set a new email as your main one.

If you're still running into issues, contact support and we can get you on your way!

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