While Reclaim is free through March 28th, we're launching some awesome paid plans that are going to take your productivity to a whole other level. Check out our pricing page to see what's included in each plan.

Our Referral Program makes it easy to share Reclaim with your team or friends, and in return, we'll give you free access to Reclaim's Team edition when our paid products launch on March 28th.

How it works

Reclaim's Referral Program is simple:

  1. You invite users to Reclaim via email, social, or your personalized link.

  2. Those users sign up.

  3. Based on the number of signups your referral drives, you get free access to Reclaim Team in 2022 when Reclaim launches its paid plans.

To get started, visit the Share Reclaim page in the app to start sharing across these channels:

  • Your personal referral link

  • Share via Twitter

  • Share via LinkedIn

  • Invite via email

  • Invite via Smart 1:1s

  • Calendar referrals

Whether you send a few invites out via email, or fire off a tweet that hundreds of people sign up through, we'll track it all back to your account and automate your tally in the app so you can see how many people you've helped become more productive through Reclaim.

Note: credit is given for signups, not invites to Reclaim. For example, if you invite 100 people, and 50 of them sign up, you would get credit for 50 signups. There is no requirement that a user remains active with Reclaim for any period of time, just that they sign up.

Referral Tiers

You can get free subscriptions to Reclaim's Team edition in 2022 for getting users to sign up, and there are three different tiers that you can hit through the Referral Program:

  • 5 referred signups= 3 months free of Reclaim Team

  • 15 referred signups = 12 months free of Reclaim Team

  • 100 referred signups = free Reclaim Team forever

You can track your progress against these tiers in the Share Reclaim page, and we'll notify you when you've hit one (or several) of them.

Terms and Legal Stuff

  • This promotion is subject to expiration, cancellation, and/or changes at Reclaim's ("we", "us", "our", "the Company") discretion at any time.

  • We reserve the right to rescind or deny offers for free Reclaim Team subscriptions in the event of clear misuse, abuse, or impropriety (e.g., inviting invalid or false accounts to sign up for Reclaim, misrepresenting signup or referral data to the Company, or any other unauthorized or fraudulent activity)

  • This promotion is confined solely to the Reclaim Team edition of the product. No other editions of Reclaim, current or future, are eligible for this promotion.

  • Referral tiers are "all-or-nothing". In other words, we will not apply partial credit for signups referred in between tiers. For example, if you've referred 12 signups, you will be in the "3 months free" tier only. You will only receive the "12 months free" tier once you've hit the 15 referred signups threshold.

  • Once you've hit a referral tier (either for the first time or subsequent times) we will make best effort to notify you and apply your promotional credit within 90 days. If you believe it has been longer than 90 days and that you have hit a referral tier, you may contact [email protected] for assistance.

  • Promotional credits and referral tiers will apply to referred signups only, not total referrals or invites. We reserve the right to measure and report your total referred signups and use that number to determine your referral tier status, which can be found and tracked in your Share Reclaim page.

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