Reclaim Affiliate Program

Join Reclaim's Affiliate Program to earn 25% commission on new customers & $0.25 for every new signup you refer.

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The Affiliate Program is open to content creators, influencers, agencies, media, directories — and any Reclaim fan who wants to share their love of Reclaim, and earn money while doing it.

The program is completely free to join, and enables you to earn commission for every new signup and purchase you refer to Reclaim.

Affiliate Program payouts

  • 25% commission on new subscriptions for 12 months

  • $0.25 for every signup

  • 90 day cookie

Example earnings

So if you publish a social post with your affiliate link, and it generates 100 signups and 10 new subscriptions, you'll earn $25 in signup commissions plus 25% of all monthly subscription revenue for up to a year.

Our most popular Business plan is $12/month paid annually at $144/year, for $36/subscription you refer. From that single posts results, you would generate $360 in new subscription commissions, plus the $25 signup commissions, for $385 in affiliate earnings.

All affiliate revenue is automatically tracked and paid out monthly, and you can monitor your performance through your partner profile.

How to join the Affiliate Program

Here's how you can get started:

  1. Join the Affiliate Program: Apply to the program so you can get your personal affiliate link and start earning rewards on both signups and new customers referred.

  2. Share Reclaim: Share your personal affiliate link on social media, in a video, blog post, directory, or directly with your network to spread the word about Reclaim.

  3. Create your partner account: You can do this immediately, or wait until you're notified after reaching $5 in commissions. This is where you'll add your payment details so we can send you all the money you earn.

  4. Earn affiliate revenue & track progress: Once you're set up in your partner account, you can track how much revenue you've earned and how many signups you generated that may potentially lead to additional revenue through subscription purchases. (Best practice tip: create follow-up content to educate your followers on tips for using Reclaim to encourage more signups to convert to a paid subscription.)


We just have a few standard conditions around referrals that wouldn't count towards your rewards:

  • Must be a new signup

  • No self-referrals (cannot refer yourself of others within your organization)

  • No fraudulent referrals

  • If the new customer/signups last touch was another paid marketing activity before conversion

  • Max reward amount of $10,000 per referral (for Enterprise sales)


Check out our Affiliate Partner Guide to learn more about Reclaim, find social templates, examples from content creators, and explore tons of Reclaim stats.

Visit your partner portal to explore our resource library and get started promoting Reclaim:

  • Brand guidelines

  • Videos

  • Graphics

  • Product screenshots

We also offer support for high-performing partners, and large opportunities:

  • Reclaim experts are available to join sales calls for 50+ person opportunities.

  • High-performing affiliates are eligible for a 10% discount code to leverage in short-term content campaigns.

What's awesome about Reclaim? Here are some performance metrics averaged across all our users:

  • 5.7 more hours/week for productive task work

  • 49% less time wasted in unproductive work

  • 2.3 meetings reduced/week

  • 12.1% improvement in team capacity planning

  • 41.1% better prioritization (less decision paralysis)

  • 4.1 hours/week saved managing calendars & conflicts

Referral Program at Reclaim

Reclaim also offers a Referral Program that allows you to share Reclaim with friends and coworkers to earn credits for a free Reclaim account:

  • 5 referrals = 3 months free

  • 15 referrals = 12 months free

  • 100 referrals = free forever

Note: This is a separate program, and the referrals you drive through the Affiliate Program will not count towards your Referral Program credits – and vice versa.

To create a Referral Program link, visit your 'Share Reclaim' page in the app.


If you need any help getting set up with our Affiliate Program, or have a question about features or benefits at Reclaim, reach out to us anytime at [email protected] (just make sure to note "Affiliate" in your email subject so we can prioritize your request).

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