Color coding your calendar is allows you to keep your schedule organized and see what your work week looks like at a glance. You have colors automatically applied to your events without having to touch your calendar. Mange your Color settings by navigating to Settings > Colors.

Note: Reclaim offers the same set of Colors that are offered in Google Calendar.

Adjust your Colors:

  1. Hover over each block of color to see other color options.

  2. Select a color to change the color for that category of calendar events.

You can also revert back to the default calendar color by selecting the Calendar Default option.

Event or calendar coloring

By default, Reclaim will only color-code events it creates. If you want Reclaim to color-code all of your events by category, select All Events below the color picker:

Color coding past and future events

Reclaim will color code historical and future events, as well as update them when you change your color coding settings.

  • Reclaim will color-code most events in the past for at least the last 14 days. In some edge cases involving recurring events or events synced from other calendars by Reclaim, this time range will be greater or lesser.

  • Tasks, Habits, and Buffer Time are color-coded for future events only.

Override your color settings

Whether you have default colors or have personalized your colors, you can override these default colors in several ways:

Event-specific override in Google Calendar

Google Calendar allows you to color an individual event by right-clicking and picking a different color from the color modal.

When you give an event a custom color, you can still tell which calendar it is associated with by looking closely at the left-hand color stripe, which is the underlying calendar color.

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