Color coding your calendar is a powerful way to keep your schedule organized, and to see what your workweek looks like at a glance. If you've tried to keep your calendar color-coded by yourself, you know that it's a pain to upkeep manually. With Reclaim, you can automatically get colors applied to all your events without having to ever touch your calendar.

How Color Coding works

Color Coding lets you set default colors that will be used on your calendar for your Tasks, Habits, synced calendar events, as well as any other events that are on your calendar. Reclaim uses intelligent services to interpret and detect different event categories on your calendar automatically, and uses that data to color-code your calendar.

Viewing and adjusting your default colors

You can view and adjust all the default colors that Reclaim uses for your calendar events by going to Color Coding in Reclaim.

Under Color Coding, you'll find the colors that you can pick from next to the categories that Reclaim detects on your calendar. The colors that Reclaim offers are the same ones that are offered in Google Calendar for your calendar events.

We'll cover the categories that Reclaim uses for color-coding below. You can select any color you like for any category, but we strongly encourage that you use different colors for each category to make it easy for you to distinguish between event categories.

You can also just use your default calendar color for events if you'd like. To do that, just pick the "Default" option in the list of colors:

Applying colors to all events vs. Reclaim-created ones

By default, Reclaim will only color-code events that it creates -- your synced calendar events, your Tasks, and your Habits. If you want Reclaim to color-code all of your events by category, select All Events below the color picker:

How far in the future and past does Reclaim color-code events?

Reclaim will color code historical events as well as future ones, and will update them when you change your color coding settings.

  • If a new event is added after you've set your colors, or if an existing event is updated on your calendar, it will be color-coded.

  • We will color-code most events in the past for at least the last 14 days. In some edge cases involving recurring events or events synced from other calendars by Reclaim, this time range will be greater or lesser.

  • Tasks, Habits, and Buffer Time are color-coded for future events only.

Color Coding categories on your calendar

Reclaim has several default categories that it uses to color-code your events. These categories are detected automatically on your calendar by Reclaim.

  • Team meetings: this includes any meetings with 3 or more people inside of your organization. Note that if your org uses more than one domain for email addresses, these meetings may be categorized as External Meetings.

  • One-on-Ones: this includes any meetings with only 2 people inside of your organization. Note that if your org uses more than one domain for email addresses, these meetings may be categorized as External Meetings.

  • External Meetings: this includes any meetings with 2 or more people, where at least one attendee is outside of your organization.

  • Solo Work: this includes any events that only have you as the attendee. This category encompasses the "Deep Work" and "Shallow Work" categories that are in Habits.

  • Personal: this includes any events that have explicitly been marked as Personal by you in your synced personal calendars, or any events that Reclaim recognizes as personal via keywords in the Title and/or Description of the event.

  • Travel: this includes Travel Time and Decompression Time created by Reclaim, or any events that Reclaim recognizes as travel via keywords in the Title and/or Description of the event.

Overriding default colors

Reclaim already applies colors to your Tasks, Habits, and synced calendar events based on the colors you pick for those events when you set them up in Reclaim.

When you set your colors in Reclaim's Color Coding feature, this will be used as the default for your events on your calendar. However, you can override these default colors in several ways:

  • You can override colors when setting up a Task or Habit.

  • You can also override the color for a synced calendar and bypass your color-coding settings entirely.

  • You can change the nature of a calendar event (e.g., if you add a third person in your organization to a One-on-One, Reclaim will re-classify the event as a Team Meeting) and Reclaim will auto-adjust the color for that event.

  • You can modify your colors in the Color Coding setting, and Reclaim will re-color your events based on your selection.

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