Automatically color-code your calendar with Reclaim

Reclaim automatically color-codes and categorizes your events to keep your schedule visually organized.

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Color-coding is a powerful way to keep your schedule organized and visually inspect where your time is going at a glance. Reclaim automatically color-codes and categorizes your events so that you don't have to worry about manually updating them. This doc will show you how to set your calendar colors as well as how color-coding works in Reclaim.

What colors are available in Reclaim?

You can set 12 different colors for your events via Reclaim's color-coding feature -- these include 11 preset colors as well as a 12th that represents your calendar's default color. You can see which options are available to you by right-clicking on any event in Google Calendar:

Please note that event colors are not the same thing as calendar colors -- Google Calendar only allows for 12 colors to be set for events, whereas calendar colors can be customized using hex values. Due to limitations in Google Calendar, we can only offer those 12 colors for your events.

How color-coding works in Reclaim

Reclaim automatically categorizes your events and uses those categories to drive color-coding for your events. You can see your color-coding settings by heading to Settings > Colors.

By default, Reclaim will only color-code events that it creates (e.g., your Smart 1:1s, Habits, Tasks, and so forth). You can opt to have Reclaim automatically color-code all your events by toggling the setting for Calendar coloring:

To adjust any of the colors for each category, simply hover over a category and select a new option:

Reclaim will color code historical and future events, as well as update them when you change your color coding settings.

Overriding colors for events

Reclaim will follow your color-coding settings for your events, but in some cases you can override them:

  • When creating a Habit, Task, or Calendar Sync policy, you can opt to select a different color for those specific items.

  • If you update details of an event (e.g., adding a third person to your 1:1 meeting to make it a team meeting) Reclaim will also update the color automatically.

  • Changing the color of an event directly via Google Calendar, Reclaim will honor that change and keep that color override for the event.

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