Sometimes you may want to put a Habit on hold for awhile, or you might want to remove it from your calendar entirely. Reclaim makes it easy to do this, and will even clean up all the events associated with the Habit from your calendar automatically.

Enabling and disabling Habits

When you create a Habit, it will be enabled by default. You can disable a Habit by going to the Habits feature in Reclaim, and simply flipping the switch next to the Habit you want to disable:

When the Habit is disabled, Reclaim will automatically remove all future events associated with that Habit from your calendar. It will not remove events from the past.

To re-enable the Habit, simply flip the switch again.

Deleting a Habit

If you've decided you don't want the Habit at all and want to delete it entirely, you can delete it. Bear in mind that there's no way to recover a Habit once it's been deleted, so be certain you want it deleted before you do so.

To delete a Habit, you first have to disable it. Once it's disabled, you'll see a Trash Can icon appear next to the enable/disable switch. Press that, and the Habit will be deleted:

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