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Mark a Task or Habit as Done or Not Done in Slack
Mark a Task or Habit as Done or Not Done in Slack
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Mark a Task as Done from Slack

  1. Find the Task in the Agenda or Task view of the Home tab.

  2. Click the ✅ Done button.

Once you click Done on the Task, it will be removed from the Active Tasks list and moved to Recent Tasks.

Mark a Habit as Done

Click the ✅ Done button from messages or the Agenda view in the Home tab.

You will only see the Done button for Habits if the Habit hasn't started yet. When a Habit is marked as Done, it will be moved to the past and considered complete.

Restart a Habit from Slack

If a Habit was not completed and you want to bring it back to your calendar, click the ↪️ Restart button—which only shows when the Habit is in the past. This will bring the Habit back on to your calendar at the next available time that day.

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