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Create a Task from Slack using ReclaimBot or a slash command
Create a Task from Slack using ReclaimBot or a slash command
You can create Tasks directly from Slack in just a couple quick steps.
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Create a Task from ReclaimBot

  1. Navigate to the Home tab of the Slack integration

  2. Click Tasks.

  3. Click New Task.

  4. Only Type, Title, and Duration are required.

  5. Click Create Task.

Create a Task using a slash command

The general structure of a Slack slash command for Tasks is


The TYPE and TITLE is required to create a Task. The additional text in the parenthesis are optional. Refer to Tasks overview for a description of each field.


  • To create a work task for "Build slide deck" for four hours by next Friday, enter /reclaim task build slide deck (for 4h due next Friday)

  • To create a personal task for "Mow the lawn" for one hour (default) by this Sunday, enter /reclaim personal task mow the lawn (due sunday)

  • To create a work task for "Get back to CEO" for 30m by September 21st, not to be started before September 15th, enter /reclaim task get back to CEO (for 30m due sept 21 not before sept 15)

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