Reclaim for Slack notifications

Manage notifications for Reclaim's integration for Slack.

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The Reclaim integration for Slack sends alerts to help you manage your schedule, and has these notifications turned on by default to alert you 10 minutes before the event is set to begin.

These notifications can be managed in Slack using the Reclaim Slack bot's settings. To get to these settings:

  • Type /reclaim settings from the Messages page of Reclaim within Slack, or

  • Click the Settings button from the Home page of the Reclaim app in Slack.

Notification settings can be turned on, or off, for:

  • When a daily habit is about to start

  • When a task is about to start

  • When travel time is blocked out for an event

  • When I'm invited to a new event

  • When an event I'm invited to is updated

  • When an event I'm invited to is removed / canceled

  • When I create, update, or remove my own events

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