Reclaim's Slack integration sends you notifications when Habits or Tasks are about to begin, and also will send notifications when you're invited to new synced events that are blocked on your primary calendar.

Notification types

By default, our Slack integration will send or update messages anytime:

  • A Daily Habit is about to start

  • A Task is about to start

  • Travel Time has been blocked out for an event

  • You're invited to a new synced event

  • A synced event you're invited to has a time change

  • A synced event you're invited to is deleted or canceled

If you opt to modify your notification preferences, Reclaim's Slack integration will also send these notifications for personal events that you've created.

Modifying notification preferences

You can manage your notification preferences by typing /reclaim settings  from the Messages page of the Reclaim app in Slack, or by clicking the Settings button from the Home page of the Reclaim app in Slack.

The Settings panel lets you control notifications for the app. Here are what your notification preferences look like by default:

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