You can issue commands from anywhere in Slack to have ReclaimBot manage your calendar on your behalf.

  • /reclaim help ¬†will bring up a quick overview of ReclaimBot's functionality and link you to our docs. You can also just type help from the Messages screen and you'll get the same message.
  • /reclaim settings ¬†will bring up your notification preferences, enabling you to limit or expand the types of notifications that ReclaimBot sends.

Using Slack commands to create Tasks

You can create Tasks with quick Slack commands to get them on your calendar.

Here's the general structure of a Slack command for Tasks, and then we'll show some examples:

/reclaim [work/personal] task [title] [duration] [due date]

  • work/personal tells Reclaim what kind of Task this is and whether to schedule it inside or outside of working hours
  • title tells Reclaim the name of the task to put as a title in the calendar event
  • duration tells Reclaim how many hours you need on your calendar
  • due date tells Reclaim when you need the time defended by -- it is not the date that the event will be put on your calendar.


  • /reclaim work task Prep for meeting 1h today creates a work task called "Prep for Meeting" for 1 hour today during your working hours
  • /reclaim personal task Do the dishes 2h in a few days creates a personal task called "Do the dishes" for 2 hours in the next several days outside of your working hours
  • /reclaim work task Create board deck 8h 9/23/2020 creates a personal task called "Create board deck" for 8 hours by 9/23/2020 inside of your working hours.

Using Slack commands to show your agenda

You can use Slack commands to show your agenda for a given day. The structure of this command is very simple.

/reclaim agenda [date]


  • /reclaim agenda 9/23/2020 will print the day's agenda for 9/23/2020
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