Reclaim's Slack integration enables you to view your agenda, create tasks, reschedule events, get notifications, and RSVP to personal events.

You can add Slack to your workspace via the App Directory, the Reclaim Settings page, or install via your workspace's app list if Reclaim has already been added.

Here's a quick video on how to use the Slack integration if you want to skip the docs:

The simplest way to connect our Slack integration to your Reclaim account is to click the Add to Slack button from the Reclaim Settings page.

Connecting your Reclaim account to Slack

Once ReclaimBot is in your workspace, you'll need to connect your account. 

From the Slack integration Home screen, click Sign Up if you haven't created an account with Reclaim yet, and click Login if you already have an account.

If you log in and are still unable to get Slack connected to your LifeWork Calendar account, click the Add to Slack button from the Reclaim Settings page and your account will be authenticated. 

When ReclaimBot has been successfully added, you'll get a friendly message and see your stats in the Home screen of the Reclaim app.

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