While Reclaim is only for Google Calendar users today, it is technically possible for us to sync non-Google Calendars if they've been shared with a Google account that you've given Reclaim access to. Reclaim is essentially using your Google authentication as a way to gain access to that shared calendar, even though it originates in another calendar platform.

We don't highly recommend this method, as it has some known issues around refreshing -- it can take up to 24 hours for changes on a shared calendar to reflect in Google, and so it can often be an unreliable method of syncing events. That being said, it is possible, so if you want to try it out here are some steps to get it set up.

Syncing a shared calendar during onboarding

Here's how to share a calendar with your primary calendar and use that in the Reclaim onboarding.

  • On the step where you're prompted to connect a source calendar, select either the "connect a calendar you've already shared" or "connect a non-Google calendar" link.

  • Now, find the calendar that you've shared with your work calendar and check the box next to it. You can pick as many calendars as you like. If you don't see the calendar you want, make sure your permissions are set correctly for sharing calendars.

  • Complete the onboarding and you're all set!

Syncing a shared calendar after onboarding

You can sync a shared calendar post-onboarding by going to Settings > Calendar. Click the "+ Create Sync" button, and then select the account that you shared the calendar with. Then, find the calendar that you shared and select it as a source:

From here, you can complete the setup and set any preferences you'd like for that shared calendar to be synced.

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