You may not use Google Calendar for your personal calendar. Maybe you use iCloud for personal events, even if your work uses GSuite. Maybe you even use Outlook for your personal calendar. 

Or, maybe you've already shared your personal Google calendar with your work calendar and just want to block events from that calendar instead of connecting your personal account.

In any case, Reclaim can help.

Syncing a shared calendar during onboarding

Here's how to share your personal calendar with your work calendar and use that in the Reclaim onboarding.

  • First, you have to make sure that the personal calendar you want to connect is shared with your work calendar in Google. Here's a guide on how to share an iCloud calendar with your Google account, here's one for sharing an Outlook calendar with your Google account, and here's one for sharing a Google Calendar with a Google account.
  • Go back to Reclaim and continue your onboarding. If you ended up being logged out of your session, login using the work email you used originally at signup.
  • On the step where you're prompted to connect a personal calendar, select either the "connect a calendar you've already shared" or "connect a non-Google calendar" link.
  • Now, find the calendar that you've shared with your work calendar and check the box next to it. You can pick as many calendars as you like. If you don't see the calendar you want, make sure your permissions are set correctly for sharing calendars.
  • Complete the onboarding and you're all set!

Syncing a shared calendar after onboarding

You can sync a shared calendar post-onboarding by going to Settings -> Sync Sources.

Click on your primary account at the top of the list. This will open the list of calendars that are associated with that account, including shared calendars:

To sync any of the shared calendars to your primary calendar, simply enable them using the switch on the lefthand side.

Note that there may be slight delays in syncing if you connect a calendar from iCloud or Outlook due to delays in those services outside of Reclaim's control.

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