If you've shared a calendar with your Google account, that calendar will appear alongside your other calendars. You can toggle shared calendars on and off from the Google Calendar side navigation bar:

If that shared calendar is being used as to sync events to another calendar within that same Google account, you will likely see a scenario that looks something like this:

So wait, why do I see duplicates?

When you've shared a calendar (for example, your personal calendar) with your Google account and use it as a source to sync events from, two things are happening:

  1. In Google Calendar, you'll see the "original event" -- that is, the event that Reclaim synced to another calendar

  2. You will also see the "synced copy" of the original event -- that is, the copy of the event that Reclaim created on another calendar and keeps up to date

This ends up looking like a duplicate event, but they're actually two separate events. The original event is the one that isn't visible to others (besides you) and the synced copy is one that gets created in order to provide visibility to others without sacrificing your privacy.

When you've toggled the shared calendar on in Google Calendar, you'll see both the synced copy that Reclaim created as well as the original event from your shared calendar. 

If you toggle the synced calendar off, you won't see the original event from your synced calendar, just the synced copy Reclaim created.

Those who view your calendar will only see the synced copy created by Reclaim. They will never see the source event from your synced calendar, unless you've explicitly shared it with them with full details.

We do this in order to make it easy for you to see the actual source event that's behind the time block and enable you to manage all your events from your primary calendar -- all without sacrificing your privacy.

Which event do I make changes to?

You should always make changes to original events, not the synced copies. Reclaim automatically manages the synced copy and keeps it up-to-date with any changes, so no need to adjust it.

You can think of the original event as the source of truth, and the synced copy as a reflection of the original event that's used to protect your availability from others.

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