If you opt into it, Reclaim will share your synced calendar to your primary calendar so that you can manage the original source events directly from one calendar. You can toggle it on and off from the Google Calendar side navigation bar:

You can create, update, RSVP, and manage your source events directly from your primary calendar. Reclaim automatically modifies your Google Calendar settings to make that possible.

But wait, why do I see duplicates?

When you've toggled the source calendar on, you'll see both the time block that Reclaim created as well as the actual source event from your synced calendar. 

If you toggle the synced calendar off, you won't see the source event from your synced calendar, just the synced copy we've created.

Those who view your calendar will only see the synced copy created by Reclaim. They will never see the source event from your synced calendar, unless you've explicitly shared it with them with full details.

We do this in order to make it easy for you to see the actual source event that's behind the time block and enable you to manage all your events from your primary calendar -- all without sacrificing your privacy.

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