Your privacy and security are extremely important to us. Beyond that, we know that your calendar is a sensitive space and don't want to ever cause you embarrassment.

What we use your calendar permissions for

Google's APIs require us to ask for calendar permissions in order to provide Reclaim to you. We ask for these permissions just-in-time, meaning that we only ask for permissions when they are absolutely necessary -- we never ask for more permissions than we need.

View and edit events on all your calendars

Here are some examples of what Reclaim does with this permission:

  • Read events from your source and destination calendars so we can keep your calendars in sync.
  • Create, update, and remove Tasks, Habits, Buffer Time, and synced events from your calendars.
  • Respond to RSVP signals -- e.g., if you accept an event from a source calendar, Reclaim automatically marks the synced copy on the destination calendar as busy.
  • Present analytics back to you on where your time is going via Calendar Stats.
  • Present your agenda in our Slack integration as well as respond to commands you issue from Slack.
  • Sync your Slack status with your calendar if you have the integration on.

View your calendars

Reclaim really only needs this permission for one thing: to list and identify all your calendars for the purposes of a) letting you create sync policies in our Calendar Sync feature as well as b) identifying which of your calendars is your "primary" so that we can block Tasks and Habits on it.

View your Calendar settings

Reclaim only needs this permission for one thing: to see your timezone for your primary calendar, which we use for "working hours" and other features that require displaying an event's time.

See, edit, share and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using
Google Calendar

NOTE: we only ask for this permission if you opt to share your personal calendar with work during the onboarding.

Reclaim uses this permission -- should you opt into this feature during onboarding -- to share a source calendar with your primary calendar so you can manage all your events from one place. This is a one-time operation. We do not have any code in our application that deletes calendars.

We do not use permissions to programmatically delete or change any events on your calendars that weren't created by our service.

What we do with your data

Reclaim requires access to your work calendar as well as your personal calendar in order to keep your personal events up-to-date with your work calendar, and additionally to provide stats about where you're spending time each week. 

All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. We do not persistently store any data from your personal calendar. We only access your personal calendar so that we can watch for personal events and create copies of them on your work calendar.

We never access your calendar data, except if we need to resolve a support issue on your behalf. We leverage data masking to prevent us from seeing event details even while troubleshooting an issue.

Read more about your privacy in our full Privacy Policy.

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