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Is Reclaim GDPR compliant?
Is Reclaim GDPR compliant?

Reclaim is committed to complying with GDPR and other privacy-related regulations, and we believe we have world-class GDPR support.

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At Reclaim, we believe that data privacy and security are Priority Zero and are committed to complying with the GDPR and other privacy-related regulations.

As the GDPR is a broad set of regulations with no formal certification process, there is no specific verification of compliance. That being said, after implementing various measures to specifically address GDPR requirements, and having them vetted by our legal counsel and privacy consultants, we fully believe Reclaim is fully compliant with all GDPR laws and we are committed to remaining that way with any future changes.

Specific measures Reclaim has implemented to address GDPR compliance:

  • Ongoing investments in our security infrastructure and programs

  • Updates to relevant contractual terms

  • Support of international data transfers outside the EU by executing Standard Contactual Clauses (SCC's) through our Data Processing Addendum which is available to all Reclaim customers

  • Appointing GDPR representatives in the EU and UK (which can be found in our Privacy Policy)

  • Implementing a Cookie Consent mechanism which is compliant with all GDPR and country-specific requirements

  • A Data Subject Access Request mechanism for disclosure, exportation and deletion of personal data

  • Providing an easy, frictionless way to self-service delete all of your personal data from Reclaim

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