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We offer a 20% discount for 3 years to help qualifying nonprofits leverage the power of Reclaim.

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Reclaim offers a discount of 20% off of any Reclaim plan for 3 years to qualified 501(c)3 nonprofits. This may be applied to month-to-month plans or to annual commitments (does not apply to Enterprise plans).


Organizations that qualify for the Reclaim for Nonprofits discount must be registered and designated as 501(c)3 organizations, and cannot have any other nonprofit designation (e.g., 501(c)4, 501(c)6). Generally speaking, your nonprofit organization must focus all of its efforts on a social, environmental, cultural or economic mission that aims to tackle social problems by improving communities, people's life chances, or the environment.
โ€‹Reclaim for Nonprofits is not available to commerce and trade associations without charitable aims or activities benefiting non-members, political and labor organizations, or to individuals.

How to apply

All nonprofits will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to qualify for the discount. To apply:

  1. Visit our Nonprofit Discount page

  2. Fill out the form with your nonprofit email address, and a link to verify your 501(c)3 (or equivalent) status

  3. Click submit.

If you're unable to provide a link to verify your 501(c)3 status, we'll reach out to request alternative documentation to verify your eligibility. Here are additional types you can use:

  • Nonprofit registration: for nonprofits in the United States, this is your 501(c)3 designation and tax exempt status from the IRS. For international nonprofits, please send equivalent documentation for your respective registration country.

  • Governing documents: governing documentation that states your mission and how your activities are focused on achieving this mission, rather than on creating a profit. If your organization does make a profit, it needs to show proof in financial documentation that the majority of those profits are reinvested into achieving the nonprofit's mission.

Determination on qualifying nonprofits is at the sole discretion of Reclaim.

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