How time zones work

Reclaim uses the time zone associated with your Main account's email address. You can check its configuration by going into Google Calendar's settings > Time zone.

Reclaim appear to be scheduling in the wrong time zone.

Are your Habits scheduling at hilariously inappropriate times? Do your Tasks not seem to respect your working hours? It could be that Reclaim thinks you're in a different timezone than you really are.

Here is an example of what things might look like when this happens:

Due to a bug in Google Calendar, sometimes even when your timezone is set correctly, the Google Calendar APIs end up reporting "UTC" as the timezone.

To make sure Reclaim has the correct timezone:

  1. Change your primary time zone to a different time zone.

  2. Then change it back to the correct time zone.

You should see your Habits and Tasks begin to schedule at the right time within a few minutes. If you're still encountering issues after 30 minutes, contact support.

Important Note: due to limitations in Google Calendar's mobile apps, this fix cannot be performed on your mobile device. It must be done from Google Calendar's web app.

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