Available payment methods

Reclaim supports standard payment options as well as manual invoicing. Here's a brief summary of what's supported today.

Updated over a week ago

Reclaim uses Stripe to process payments, and accepts the following forms of payment via self-service:

  • All major credit cards

  • ACH / Direct Debit (US bank accounts only)

  • SEPA Direct Debit (SEPA region EUR-denominated bank accounts only)

In addition to those self-service methods, you can pay via a manually generated invoice with Net30 terms if you are purchasing on behalf of a company for 10 or more seats. Contact us for more information.

Using Apple Pay to check out

You can also use Apple Pay to purchase Reclaim, which for some customers opens up more available payment methods (e.g., debit cards). To do this, you'll need to checkout using the Safari browser from any iOS or Mac device, and you must have Apple Pay set up on that device.

If you need help paying with Apple Pay, contact us and we can send you an invoice with a link to pay via Apple Pay.

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